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Full Class

27 minutes

In this Pilates Class we're going to work the entire body throughout intermediate exercises, emphasizing on abdominal work.
Starting with a little activation thought spine articulation and stretch, warming up the body.
Followed with a different abdominal exercice with some rollings in between.
Moving into side exercices, working the control by balancing on one shoulder.
And finishing with some back work, and if you wish to play and have a little fun, trying out the last little option ;) Enjoy!

Pilates 20 minutes full body - Intermediate level

20 minutes

This is a very short Pilates class,

working the full body.

Intermediate level, Quick Pace!

If you wanna move, hit the body or do a war up, this class is for you! :)

Pilates class fundamental's variations

18 minutes

In this Pilates class I took the fundamental exercises and give them a little twist,

just with extra variations.

Deepen on your practice with me,

and find new sensations through Pilates!

Short Abdominal Progressions

4 minutes

Starting from low intensity movement to higher. 

In just 4 minutes you will FEEL your center.

How important is your core?

In Pilates we work on the Transverse Abdominal which “wraps” your spine. How much back pain you can avoid by strengthening your core!

At the end, adding a spoon of coordination.

Enjoy your practice! 🌱

Go and Plank yourself!

6 minutes

Work on your shoulder and center stability as you move your legs.

You don’t need to lift your chest over a hanging bar in order to get strength on your shoulders.

Focus on your center, and move from it.

You will avoid rocking back and forward when the legs disturb your stability, “swinging” around.





Hips, Hips, Hurray!

9 minutes

Hips mobility with abs: In this video you will find different hip rotations as you’re moving your legs up and down to challenge your core.

On a daily life, how little we reduce our hip mobility! The stability comes from every direction and when you’re stuck on unidirectional movement your missing thousands of other possibilities!

Look how a hip articulation is made. Its name is “ball and socket”, and had a big range of movement.

We just limit it into “walks and sit into a chair.”

Range of motion: 90º. Oh god!!

Let’s give a trip to our hips and show them new places. Make it from the curiosity. Let’s see what you discover!